June 28th, 2011


Sim-Itland's Late Night adventures 3

Being a vampire is now less of a Transylvanian tragedy and more like an Anne Rice book, only funnier. Rather than going "Bleh!" and randomly turning into a bat, Sim-Itland gained a number of small superpowers. Being able to learn faster at night (which is disturbingly realistic for a night owl like me), and being able to run like a blur (very much not realistic). And, while not immortal, having 250 years as a young adult when the average lifespan is 194 (for a whole life) is also nice. Vampires still don't tolerate sunshine well, but they don't immediately burn up. They take gradual damage, and only after some minutes (sim time) outdoors, so they can go out with the trash, pay bills and stuff like that. Not maintain a big garden during daytime though. They are also safe inside a taxi, or can use the teleport platform, so can hold a job.

Sim-Itland however quit his job and took up the sculpting profession. Actually he could live off the five money trees, but sculpting is fun and will randomly result in furniture for the new basement. So far he has built two levels of basement, out of four possible. The coffin-like vampire bed is in the lowest basement. The library and bar is in the uppermost. And speaking of library: Did you know that toddlers will on their own read toddler books and absorb useful skills like painting?

Meet Claudia Itland, my adopted Sim-daughter! She is a genius who occasionally forgets where she is and what she is doing. She does not forget to read though! Do we have a future novelist?