June 26th, 2011


Sim-Itland's Late Night adventures

Sim-Itland has moved to the bustling city of Bridgeport. It is a terrible place for a teenager to grow up, because housing is very expensive and the travel distances can be long, even with the new subway station. Luckily he managed to survive by selling paintings. As a young adult he entered the science career (again) and began growing lifefruit. Life was good. Selling extraordinary good fruit and valuable paintings to the celebrities of Bridgeport pulled him unexpectedly into their bizarre world, and he began to be followed by paparazzis. Even during his trip to China...

(To be continued... probably.)

Sim-Itland's Late Night adventures 2

Most of Sim-Itland's new friends were eccentric at best. Well, that just made him fit right in. While visiting one of them, who claimed to be a vampire (despite NOT sparkling like, you know, that TV series everyone was talking about a while ago), Itland asked the guy if he could turn him into a vampire too. And this Hemlock fellow actually bit his arm! Eww! Needless to say, Itland fled home immediately. The bite was quite small and looked more like a mosquito bite, itching terribly. The next day when he went to work, he had to go home because of the terrible heat. Never one to go to the hospital for small things, he went on a diet of lifefruit for all meals, and spent his time either sleeping or meditating. Finally he felt better and went to make himself a salad. Then...

SPARKLES! It's time to quit the day job!