June 25th, 2011


Sims 3 revisited

After I upgraded my quad-core with a SSD as system disk and Windows 7, I can play Sims 3 without crashes, and completely smoothly (except for the huge map of Los Aniegos, and I am not sure whether that is slow because of the size or because of the routing errors that made me abandon it eventually).

I have been out walking/jogging a lot lately, but now I have to rest my right foot (overtraining with inferior shoes, it seems), I have spent the days with Sims 3. I recently bought World Adventures and Late Night, partly because they were on sale and partly because the larger maps require them. I have not bought Generations yet - the price is well above the two earlier packs together! More importantly, I don't need it to run any of the content I want, while I needed the other two. (I had Ambitions already.)

Playing with two new expansions reminds me of why I like and dislike Sims 3. Actually, I like and dislike it for the same reason, namely its depth. It is far deeper than the earlier two versions. Just think of writing books. In The Sims, you could only do that with a hacked download. In Sims 2, you could do it and make a kind of plot, choosing from a few genres. In Sims 3, you can easily make a living off it (and in Ambitions it is formally a career choice). There are so many genres that I am not sure I remember them all, even though I have had several sims who were writers. Some of the genres even requires experience with other genres first, or other outside requirements. If you've had a few generations of authors, you will find their books everywhere, not least in the local library.

And so on with almost everything. The problem is, even at the Metusalah life span, your sim can barely master a few aspects of the game. There are so many opportunities, skill challenges and just plain things to do, you almost need a spreedsheet for each sim! And new expansions compound the problem. Should I travel to the Far East and learn martial arts, or ask my vampire friend to turn me into one of their kind and suck the blood of the papparazzis who keep tailing me? I'll probably avoid Generations as long as I can, because romance is already so complex that I prefer staying single. (Then again, it is even worse in real life, which is why I am here writing this in the first place, I guess.)
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