February 15th, 2011


And poof, they are gone.

I accidentally pulled the plug on my Sims machine today when I unplugged my main machine to change a broken video card.

When I started my Sims machine again, it would not even boot Windows. I managed to start it with Ubuntu Linux, which patched up Windows enough that it could fix itself. Windows runs fine now, and so does Sims 3. My few mods are there, and all my save games. It is just that many of the saves don't run anymore. Sims 3 cannot recognize them. This includes the current story and all its backups. They are right there but the game says they have a serious error. It does not say what.

So, barring some miracle, that's the end of the story. I may try the same thing again later, but obviously it will play out differently. -_-
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