February 12th, 2011


Sims 3 - Twallan's StoryProgression mod

I have been messing around with Sims 3 again. I only have two mods that I use regularly, but they are big: Awesomemod from More Awesome Than You, and Twallan's StoryProgression mod from Nraas Industries. (To use the latter, I have to disable the story part of Awesomemod.) Lately I am using the base module and the extended module of StoryProgression, but not the personality modules.

The StoryProgression mod "plays" the unplayed sims more than the game itself does. For instance, it tries to match jobs to lifetime wants. If you just use the game as is, the neighbors will be drafted into whichever job needs people at the time. So the Natural Cook with a lifetime want to learn all recipes may work in the Science career, while another family member with Green Thumbs who wishes to become a creature-robot crossbreeder, works at the restaurant. The SP puts people in their correct career, makes them study skills relevant to their personality and job, but without giving them an unfair advantage over the playables. With one exception.

I recently started a neighborhood without any sims in it, and moved in a new Sim I had made. After a few days, I moved in my teen self-sim in another house, and went back to playing Hubba, my new playable. I left all notices displaying, so I could follow what happened to my poor self-sim when left to the mercy of the SP mod. Collapse )