June 15th, 2010


Sims 3: Dream Jobs

I skipped World Adventures, because I did not get my money's worth from the corresponding packages for the two previous generations of The Sims. On the other hand, Open for Business was probably my favorite expansion for The Sims 2, closely followed by FreeTime, and The Sims 3: Ambitions seems to combine traits from both of these. It does not hurt that here in Norway, the new expansion is sold as "Drømmejobben", The Dream Job.

The truth is that, as far as I can see, it does not improve the game much. But it does improve it some, and the price is barely noticeable by the standards of Norwegian wages and living expenses, both of which are far higher than in other countries (not counting Luxembourg and a couple other similar states). Of course, if you really really want to be a ghost hunter or fireman or stylist, there is no way around it. I found invention somewhat interesting, but the last invention (the servo robot) is a literal chore. I was lucky to already grow a heap of lifefruit, but the heart-cut pink diamond is extremely hard to get without the other expansion. I have had my sim running automated gem collection for two long evenings of real time now (using the Awesomemod Supreme Commander) and have still not found 10 different gems. If you are playing a legacy or some such with the shorter lifespan, forget it. Seriously. You can get a servo for 40 000 happiness points, which is trivial to assemble even in a short lifetime if you plaster your walls with masterwork paintings, especially the bedroom.

I am seriously fed up with the game after less than a week, and I am not even on vacation. I think I may be growing too old for this kind of thing. Maybe I am about to transition to elderhood or something. Where did I put my lifefruit? ^_`