April 1st, 2010


Micropolis, year 53, part II

For the illustrated story, click: --> Year 53-2 <-- (42 pictures, 600x450 )
"A disturbance in the school" - One of our teens gets glitched and has to go to college. But there another form of disturbance awaits...

Summary of major events:

Meadow Road:
-Jean Austin married Ernest Ramsey.
-Alvin Hopkins grew up to toddler.
-Linda and Luke Hancock had a baby boy, Larry.
-Lucius Hancock grew up well to teenager (popularity).
-Gisela Goodman grew up to toddler.
-Maximilian Flynn grew up to toddler.

The Pseudodorm:
-Merlin Hopkins went to college.
-Georgia Elliott went to college (invited by Merlin).
(Forrest Whitaker went to college) Plantsim.