March 22nd, 2010


Rereading Micropolis

I am pretty sick today, and was thinking back on things in my life I did not regret. It may sound strange, but Micropolis was one of those. I know it is just an imaginary world, but I think it did a better job than most other things I have said and done to convey my outlook on life.

Looking at the first few pages, I notice a couple amusing coinicidences. For instance, the very first day we meet the sims, I tell Pam Grady to introduce the neighbor boy Grant to her sister Alison. You will probably believe that I already then was shipping for a Grant+Alison couple ending, but that is far from the case. That was something they came up with on their own, much later. I just wanted the Popularity girl to meet someone new. Not sure if she had a want for that or not.

Likewise the little red-haired girl I am teasing Darius with the first week seems to be his future wife Andrea, but I am not actually setting up kids for future marriage (unlike SOMEONE I know). It was just friendly ribbing. They made that decision on their own. Well, Andrea did.

It really fascinates me. I know there are other such things too in there. Take Jimmy Ramsey, the boy who desperately wanted to become part of the story. After I started joking about it, he showed up everywhere for the rest of the week. It really is as if they could hear my words. Or perhaps... as if both they and I were "played" by someone who knew the future better than any of us...