January 31st, 2010


Welcome to the Doomed Adoptacy

As the name implies, this is a playful counterpoint to the Legacy challenge, in this case for the Sims 3. Rather than trawling the town for the cutest sperm or egg donors, the adoptacy sims are Unflirty to the point of parthenomania. That does not mean they are loners or want to die alone and unloved. Rather, they will adopt lonely and unloved babies and raise them to healthy, honorable and above all unflirty sims like themselves, generation after generation.

Our story begins when Erwin Doomed is thrown out of his mom's basement. He's got no skills, no friends, and not even gets to bring along his beloved Simtendo Weeee. All he got is a plot of land in some sleepy rural town called "Riverview", and less than 2000 simoleons to get him started. Good luck, Erwin!

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