May 3rd, 2009


Copycat Build-a-City week 6

Eien Nekomimi
Introducing Tenko

Kenichi Nekomimi
Cats, cucumbers and serious business

Hiro Nekomimi
Fish 'n' dips

Camilla McPheersom
The wedding edition

Multi was always on the phone and I took no pictures of her this week.

Erwin T King
Unintentionally shady character

Enriette Franc
Another boring human

Sims: 11 x Sim Multiplier: 3 = Total population: 33

Accumulated careers:
1 opening in Science.
1 opening in Entertainment.
1 opening in Business.
1 opening in Gamer for Multi Nekomimi.
1 opening in Gamer for Emily Farmer.

6 player owned.
3 new CAS to create for next round.

I'm already halfway through round 7. Cute catgirls are waiting to meet you.