April 13th, 2009


Copycat Build-a-City week 5

I apologize for the briefness of some of these. I played this before Easter and did not always pay attention. Then I wrote it up several days later.

Eien Nekomimi
Why communication is so important in your marriage

Kenichi Nekomimi
Love of magic and magic of love

Hiro Nekomimi
If you think being a novelist will make you popular...

Camilla - too boring for words.
Or pictures.

Multi Nekomimi
The essentials: Food and games.

Sims: 8 x Sim Multiplier: 2 = Total population: 16

Accumulated careers:
1 opening in Science.
1 opening in Entertainment.
1 opening in Gamer for Multi Nekomimi.

3 player owned.

We now have 2 CAS to create for next week.