April 6th, 2009


My Build-a-City challenge

While I continue my experiments in brain wave synchronization etc, I have decided to play a less involved challenge that can run while I read and write mail, blogs, forums and even while I do chores at home. I keep half an eye on these sims, but it is nothing deep and personal like Micropolis. (Micropolis is on hold for the duration. Probably.)

Copycat Creek (soon to become Copycat City) is a Build a City challenge. It does not use the Near Future rules, as the Build a City rules are already quite harsh and complex. With the rules being so extensive (and chaotically written) I may possibly trespass against some rule at some time, but I am pretty sure I got most of it right. And in any case this is squarely tongue in cheek. Not lolcat level, but definitely light entertainment.

The front page and week 1 are up on a separate blog.