February 5th, 2009


Micropolis, year 51, part II

For the illustrated story, click: --> Year 51 b <-- (32 pictures, 600x450 )

"Spring days" are here again. Love in the air, children running everywhere. We got another wedding, wonder if we could make it a yearly event? I do have a small backlog of barely premarital couples that really ought to tie the knot...

Summary of major events:

Meadow Road:
-Jimmy Ramsey grew up well to elder.
-Miranda Hopkins was cured of plantsimism.
-Martin Hopkins grew up well to schoolboy.
-Arnold Whitaker became Minister of Education (lifetime want).
-Antoinette Whitaker was cured of plantsimism.
-Linda Hancock became Captain Hero (lifetime want).
-Leonore Hackock grew up well to schoolgirl.
-Garfield Goodman grew up well to schoolboy.
-Maxine Flynn had a baby boy, Maximilian.

-Bob Jordan and Arlene Fisher moved into Lakewatch family apts.
-Stacie Campbell moved into Lakewatch family apts.
-Hubert Richards moved in with his fiancee Stacie Campbell. bringing §4000.
-Elizabeth Olsen married Jerry Schultz.
-Greg Rodgers went to college, invited by Ronny Sharpe.