January 1st, 2009


Micropolis, year 51, part I

For the illustrated story, click: --> Year 51 a <-- (37 pictures, 600x450 )

"In with the new": Out with the old students and in with the new ones, in this mostly-college New Year update of Micropolis. We are definitely in the thick of Generation 2 now.

Summary of major events:

Gravel Road:
-Alison Craft was cured of plantsimism.
-Bob Jordan graduated with honors.
-Arlene Fisher graduated with honors.
-Stacie Campbell graduated with honors.
-Jennifer Jordan went to college.
-Fredrick Jacobs went to college (invited by Jennifer).
-Darrin Owens went to college (invited by Jennifer).
-William Hughes went to college (invited by Deloris).
-Stian Olsen went to college.
-Jessica Mullins went to college (invited by Stian).
-Hope Kramer graduated with honors.