November 18th, 2008


Inner Simpleton: A resurrection (sort of)

Much to my surprise, death came for Lilly first, even though she was the second from top in the character roster. In fact, I did not notice Death until after he had gone and Lilly was no longer working in the garden for her Nature plaque, but instead there was a platinum grave. It had looked like she had two days left anyway. Now both Mr Snow and their daughter-in-law Kathy wanted to resurrect her. I know I had planned to get the two extra graves to unlock the supernatural career, but not only did Lilly have 40 snapdragons and lots of fruit in her inventory, Kathy could also need the aspiration boost. And someone had left a genie lamp on the lawn. So... Lilly is back. Sort of.

After a while I found her eating rotten leftovers instead of cleaning them up. Turns out her personality has been reversed. She has also had a couple points shaved off all her skills. And her marriage is not only dissolved (as it should be, Death having parted them after all) but she and Mr Snow are now only acquaintances. She still has two bolts for him and the robots, though. So now she is sloppy, lazy and mean, and has started over at day 1 of elderhood. Which means she will be like that for another 20 years or so. Guess I should have waited for the supernatural career and paid for a full resurrection after all...

Yeah, that was my first genie rez. Live and learn. (Or in the case of Lilly, die and learn.)