November 11th, 2008


"Tactful" - a true story from Inner Simpleton

Linus Snow, sole non-robot child of the founding family, had only a single-bolt girlfriend in high school. After they both grew up, he did not show much interest in romance, a worrisome trait in an only heir. However, he did constantly fear the death of his former girlfriend Lori (what, did she have lupus or something?) so perhaps he still cared for her. After a few years, he invited her over. They talked for a little bit, and then she said: "I know this person I think you would really hit it off with. How about I set you up on a date here and now?"

That was actuallya great idea. Her acquaintance Kathy was a family sim ready to get started on her six granchildren, and she and Linus are now married and can't be keep their hands off each other. Lori is still free if anyone else wants to try his luck...