November 10th, 2008


"Build a City" challenge

Just because I'm drafting a novel doesn't mean I allow my simming computer to idle. Rather, I have created a new neighborhood and started the "Build a City" challenge. Unlike Micropolis, where I work closely with each sim to make them reach their highest potential , the citizens of Inner Simpleton find themselves running on macros quite a lot. "Go learn some mechanical. Don't die. I'll be back later." Thank you, Marcrotastics! (From More Awesome Than You, which is true enough.)

I've told you about my love for challenges that "scale". Well, this one scales like crazy, but largely because it starts off very small. You begin with no subhoods (this includes Uni), no community lots and no jobs. All of these things must be unlocked, which is most of the challenge. To have a community lot, you either have to buy one yourself (and run a business there) or have the population to support one, 4 households. Certain community lots are needed to unlock certain careers. So which is it - spread the population thin to get those community lots, or save money by keeping them together and use the cash to start your own business? There are quite a bit of such decisions. Do you want to run up the actual population, or try to gain more multipliers by running more businesses? Levy tax to get a university, or use that money for other purposes? Create robots or have children who can have children of their own? Very "strategy game" like, with different viable strategies.