September 14th, 2008


Micropolis, year 48, part II

For the full half, illustrated story, click: --> Year 48 b <-- (56 pictures, 600x450 )

"A life apart": Apartment life introduces not only apartments, but also a new sort of sims whose life are not quite like those of other sims! More apartments and magic than you can shake a wand at, in this weeks update of Micropolis.

Summary of major events:

-No new challenges this year either!
-Challenge of year 45: No winter this Great Year.
Micropolis, Meadow Road:
-Marlene Hopkins grew up to toddler.
-Marvin Hopkins grew up well to teen (Knowledge, Game Developer).
-Roy Ashby grew up well to schoolboy.
-Townie Mack Hunt went to college with Bob Jordan.
-Townie Alfred Larsen went to college with Bob Jordan.
-Charles Craft moved to an apartment in Lakeview Hills.
-Jo Greer moved to an apartment downtown in TrendyComplex.
-Witches made their appearance!