September 7th, 2008


Micropolis, year 48, part I

For the full half, illustrated story, click: --> Year 48 a <-- (28 pictures, 600x450 )

"The audacity of Hope"! The last update before Apartment Life (I think) features one of our first but least noticed characters. We first saw Hope Kramer as a townie child in one of the very first updates. Now she is making a bid for the spotlight. Also, our very first generation 1 teen becomes an elder! At this speed, Sims 4 will be on the shelves before the story is complete...

Summary of major events:

-No new challenges this year either!
-Challenge of year 45: No winter this Great Year.
Micropolis, Gravel Road:
-Zimena Craft grew up well to schoolgirl.
-Ronny Sharpe went to college.
-Marcus Sharpe grew up well to elder.
-Another failed burglary at Moody's!
-Hope Kramer got engaged to Ronny Sharpe.
-Barbara Patton graduated with honors.


AL installed

My 6 floor apartment complex seems to work fine, once I hunted down an illegal door - I had accidentally placed an interior door in the wall between the apartment and the common area. (I separate the apartments with a narrow corridor to avoid noise from the neighbor.)

Unfortunately, it turns out the new neighbors are the ones from Belladonna Cove. If you start a new neighborhood, I assume deleteallcharacters takes care of this, but I can't do that now. They have the disturbing Maxis faces, Maxis names and no doubt prerolled personalities too. Ick. I wonder how many there are of them - hopefully I will reach the end of them and the game will start making new using custom content.