August 30th, 2008


Still testing

It is a safe bet that Micropolis 47-II won't be up today, as I am still testing Apartment Life on the touchscreen laptop, while playing college on the main machine. I have 15 students at the moment, and I want to graduate Charles Craft and Jo Greer this year (even though they have only been in college for five years). Then I plan to move Charles into the first family apartment block in Micropolis, and Jo into the first singles apartment block downtown until she finds that Special Someone. Or perhaps make her a witch with cat, since is known to see the invisible. ^_^ OK, things are a bit floating yet, but MATY is churning out new hacks each day now, so Apartment Life should definitely be on my main machine for year 48-II at the latest, unless some great disaster strikes.

I still hope to have 47-II out on Sunday, as there is fairly little writing this time around.

As for Apartment Life, I am very pleased with it. Not as much as with FreeTime, but I look eagerly forward to adding it to Micropolis.

I also cleaned up in the Pescado hacks folder, keeping the most important, throwing out a bunch that seemed less relevant, and installing his "autonomycontrol". This shiny new hack lets you forbid a sim using a certain object on their own. It does not work quite perfectly, but it seems to stop my guests from juggling coffee cups all evening. Also one or more of the hacks I removed had caused my sims to tell dirty jokes something like 80% of the time, it got on my nerves. They now toss balls and throw water balloons again, and even occasionally talk together! I am pleased.