August 28th, 2008


"City Life" expansion pack!

OK, it is called Apartment Life in English, but the Norwegian name "Byliv" literally means "City Life", and that is also the name I proposed for it back when I was writing in forums arguing that Maxis should make just such an expansion, with apartment complexes, urban shops and features from from "Busting Out". Some of you may remember my babbling on this. It isn't just my sims in Micropolis who have looked forward to it!

I am not sure whether it is a good thing when the people at Gamezone had a box ready for me before I had told them why I were there. Honestly, I did not pester them in the days before release asking "is it here yet? Is ith here yet?" this time.

I want to install it right away because I WANT CEILINGS!! but the voice of reason says to wait until Pescado has had time to take a look at it and figure out what horrible game-stopping crimes EAxis have committed this time. I still thank my Lucky*Star that I did not install Bon Voyage when it was new, and clutter up my neighborhood with a hundred tour guides. On the other hand, Bon Voyage did not have CEILINGS...