August 17th, 2008


Micropolis, year 46, part II

For the full half, illustrated story, click: --> Year 46 b <-- (34 pictures, 600x450 )

"No child left behind": It can certainly be hard to keep track of everyone in the Hopkins family with four babies at the same time! On the other end of the "child" timeline, more girls flock to college to join their high school friends Charles, Ernest and Bob.

Also in this issue: The skyscraper rumors take off completely! Seriously, I didn't even catch them all. My sims seem to sense a great disturbance in the Force as Apartment Life is drawing near...

(Oh, and Dolores' song actually doesn't sound so silly with the catchy melody, which I don't remember having heard before I wrote her lyrics. That's kind of creepy actually, as if my sims world is getting more real.)

Summary of major events:

-No new challenges this year
-Challenge of year 45: No winter this Great Year.
Micropolis, Meadow Road:
-Miranda and Orville Hopkins had a baby girl, Marlene.
-Miranda and Orville Hopkins had a baby boy, Martin.
-Amanda Hopkins grew up well to schoolgirl.
-Orion Hopkins grew up to toddler.
-Mandy Whitaker grew up to toddler.
-Lucy Hancock grew up well to teen. (Fortune aspiration.)
-Monique and Bret Goodman had a baby boy, Garfield.
-Maxine Flynn and A-1 (Sharpe) bought Meadow Road 13.
-Barbara Cochran went to college, thanks to Charles Craft.
-Patricia Watts went to college, thanks to Charles Craft.
-Leigh Dunn went to college, thanks to Bob Jordan.