August 10th, 2008


Micropolis, year 46, part I

For the full half, illustrated story, click: --> Year 46 a <-- (22 pictures, 600x450 )

"A cloud of hearts" seems to have settled over the village, and even college. Almost nothing else is going on in the Micropolis area. Perhaps the mild winter weather has confused the sims' instincts, kind of like spring flowers blooming in December?

Yes, it is a small update, with approximately half the families. The second half, featuring the newer families, is tentatively slated for next weekend.

Summary of major events:

-No new challenges this year
-Challenge of year 45: No winter this Great Year.
Micropolis, Gravel Road:
-Annie Sharpe reached top of education career (lifetime want).
-Elena Jordan grew up well to schoolgirl.