July 13th, 2008


Micropolis, year 44

For the fully illustrated story, click: --> Year 44 <-- (38 pictures, 600x450 )

"What, me worry?": The families of Micropolis have overcome their early difficulties. They may not be rich, but most are out of debt. Education, jobs, friends, love, children ... everything is getting slightly better year by year. With the second generation starting to attent college, the future has never looked so bright. If there is a future at all, that is.

I apologize for the lack of background pages. I'm still working on them, but slowly, and I wanted this update out during the weekend as usual.

Summary of major events:

-Grant and Alison Craft had a baby girl, Jasmine.
-Hannah Craft became mayor! (Lifetime want).
-Zimena Craft grew up to toddler.
-Victor and Mari Jordan had two baby boys, Rufus and Herzog.
-Mike Jordan grew up well to teen. Aspiration: Fortune. Lifetime want: Head of SCIA.
-Merlin Hopkins grew up well to teen. Aspiration: Fortune. Lifetime want: Chief of Staff.
-Brett Goodman became chief of staff (lifetime want).
-Roy Ashby grew up to toddler.
-Jo Greer maximized gaming enthusiasm.
-Barbara Patton maximized gaming enthusiasm.
-Charles Craft and Brandy Huff were engaged.
-Hope Kramer went to college, invited by Charles Craft.