July 11th, 2008


Disaster jar concept comes to Micropolis! (Not an update)

Except since the Near Future is such a nice place, there will be no disasters in Micropolis itself, only "challenges". Starting this year, each year will feature a roll of the dice at the onset of the year. I may adjust this over time, but for now, any roll of 3 or above is a clear - no extra challenges. A roll of 1 or 2 requires a re-roll, with the following effects (until further notice):

Roll=1 - political challenge
1) The Family Values Party wins election! All elders with less than two children (born in wedlock of course) are fined §5 000 for each "missing" child. This lasts for 4 years.
2) Defense of Virginity act! Teens and young adults are forbidden all romantic interaction. Spontaneous violations fined §1000. (Repealed by Supreme Court after 2 years.)
3) Peace talks break down! An extraordinary tax is levied to rapidly rebuild the military, 10 000 simoleons from each adult and elder.
4) Racial diversity act! No new same-color weddings this year or the next. Existing same-color couples cannot try for baby this year or the next.
5) Teacher strike! For the year and the next, there is a 50 % chance of strike at any school. Roll 3 times, one for children, one for teens and one for college. If 3 or less, school is out. Kids don't go to school that year. College students stay on campus but there are no classes, no homework and no exams. (Yes, I have a hack for this.)
6) Stock market crash! Every employed sim must roll against layoff. If rolling 1, loses job. If 2, new roll requires 4 or better to keep job. Elders may choose to retire but can never start a different career.

Roll=2 - environmental
1) Electromagnetic Pulse! All electric equipment must be replaced (sold and rebought). Servos are shut down for the duration of the year.
2) GM food backfires! All grown-ups must roll 2 or better to avoid becoming a plantsim. Then all plantsims must roll 4 or better to avoid spawning a plantbaby. Cure not available until end of year.
3) Climate chaos! The current season is prolonged and completely overwrites the next season. E.g. if it strikes in winter, there is no spring this Greater Year, but an extra winter.
4) Mutant virus curfew! All shops and community lots are closed for the year. No parties are allowed.
5) Rising sea levels require new levies! Extraordinary tax of §10 000 for each adult and elder.
6) Disaster destroys coastal villages! Each adult has 1/6 chance (roll of 1) to adopt an orphaned toddler or school child. If they accept, they will also receive a government grant of §5 000. If they decline, they have to pay § 5 000.

Incidentally, I rolled 3 for year 44. Clearing the hurdle by a whisker!