June 26th, 2008


New biography pages - testing!

I'm constantly looking for cheap and easy ways to make the saga of Micropolis more accessible to the casual reader. You know there is currently a background page, accessed for each household, with a couple lines about each family member. It may help stave off absolute confusion, but is it enough? The last couple days I have dabbled in a new system, heavily inspired by fellow prosperity builder jungfrun68. Invitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as Lucy Hancock says, so I invite y'all to see for yourself how it works over at her(?) place.

Anyway! My cards are skimpier on statistics and heavier on story, as is my whole journal. But there are pictures! So for those who need to check at a glance who of the girls is Georgina, you will be able to click on her name in the text and get up a bio card with her picture on top and various other info below.

For a demonstration I've made biocards for the Grady and Sharpe households, so you can see how the cards form a web linked both by family ties and by story events. One downside I can see is that there won't be one card for each year, so people reading from the beginning will find heavy spoilers. Please report any other problems and whether this system is better or worse than the old. (I will probably discontinue one of them.) There is no point in making a hundred web pages that nobody wants to read anyway.

My plan is to work the links into the text, presumably with the first occurence of the name in each update. So it will look something like this:
Georgina: Why can't I sleep over at Ronny's place?
Grant: Because he is a boy. He would hit on you when you are too sleepy to think clearly.
Georgina: Did you do that when you were that age?
Grant: I never had the chance...

Try clicking and see how it works!