June 15th, 2008


Micropolis, year 40

For the fully illustrated story, click: --> Year 40 <-- (34 pictures, 600x450 )

"OOC" - "Out of Character" - is a concept we use in role playing when someone does not play the role they have chosen. In Micropolis, it could be family sims with a chronic fear of babies, or a romance sim becoming the village's best grandparent, or a baby refusing to grow up despite repeated cakes, or a romance sim proposing. And of course the biggest surprise of them all, but I leave that one to those who read the whole story. Don't miss the crucial second episode of "An Adult's Choice", the Jenna Ashby story arc!

Summary of major events:

-Georgina Craft grew up well to teen. Romance aspiration, knowledge secondary, LTW Visionary artist.
-Rory Olsen got permanent platinum from filling his lifetime aspiration meter.
-Victor and Mari Jordan had a baby girl, Elena.
-Jennifer Jordan grew up well to teen. Pleasure aspiration, popularity secondary, LTW 50 first dates.
-Petter and Shelly Olsen had a baby girl, Anne-Marie.
-Jimmy Ramsey reached his lifetime want, top of medical career.
-Marvin Hopkins grew up well to schoolboy.