May 18th, 2008


Micropolis, year 37

For the fully illustrated story, click: --> Year 37 <-- (41 pictures, 600x450 )

"A rising tide" - slowly, almost too slowly to notice, the local economy is improving. (And it is not ALL because of the life insurances!) Debts are shrinking or houses growing. But perhaps more important, people finally allow themselves to relax a bit. To go out for a night of chess or live music, or a trip to the beach on a hot summer day.

("A rising tide lifts all boats" is a phrase used by economists. It implies that you don't need to be very skillful to make money during a boom. It is also used politically to justify free-market politics that create more wealth overall but most for the rich. It is not originally a sinister or threatening phrase, although the older Micropolitans probably feel differently about it.)

Summary of major events:

-Grant Craft became Captain Hero (LTW).
-Al Craft opened venue "Playtime" (Downtown).
-Cassius Craft grew up to toddler.
-Rory Olsen maxed enthusiasm arts & crafts.
-Hans Olsen opened venue "Dance Dance Resolution" (Downtown).
-Victor and Mari Jordan had a baby girl, Elsie.
-Stian Olsen grew up well to teen (Romance, Hall of Famer).
-Antoinette Manning was engaged to Arnold Whittaker.
-Arnold Whittaker moved in with Antoinette Manning.
-Glen Goodman grew up to toddler.