April 17th, 2008



Micropolis is likely to run late this week. I have a good excuse, and a poor excuse.

The good excuse is that my coworker is still sick, so I have double my core job. I come home later and my brain is more fried, on average.

The poor excuse is that I have been testing The Sims 2 on a combined notebook / tablet PC. My initial reaction is "Wheeeee!". After having tried a tablet PC, other PCs are not quite the same anymore. Why in the world are there computer screens that don't react when you touch them? It is against nature! You should be able to plink your fingernail on your sim to make him do something, or at the very least use a pen. I have a feeling I may be touching a lot of computer screen in vain over the coming days. Also in tablet mode, the size and shape is just right. It kind of stops being a computer and is just a game. On the other hand, I am used to scrolling and rotating with the keyboard, as well as moving between floors. After doing this for 8 years (since Sims 1), it takes a lot of getting used to doing it by touching those itty bitty little controls in the lower left corner. So I end up moving around less, for better or for worse.

I am (probably) not moving my Micropolis to a tablet PC though, so it is a distraction for now.