March 20th, 2008


Micropolis, year30 (Tuesday)

For the full, illustrated story click: Year of the flu

Yes, this year was a bit of a time-out because the flu spread to many of the families. It is hard to illustrate because sick sims just stand there, you can't hear them coughing in the picture. The sound makes me twitch inside so it may be just as well I can't hear it. I had to postpone two weddings, and keeping guests out of the house is a lot harder than it was before FreeTime: Family and BFF seems to just walk right in, where before only people with max outgoing would do that. Add the tripling of walkbys, from 4 to 12 times a day. I am not sure guests don't greet other guests as well, once you have one they are all over the place. The upshot is that even if you have put the patient to bed in their own home, they will spontaneously barge into other homes and happily spread the flu unless you delete them on sight. "Say goodbye to..." is like "here, let me have your flu before you go".

Life events:
-A flu epidemic hit Micropolis. All families were confined to their homes until near the end of the year.
-Esther Grady reached her LTW, Chief of Staff.
-Charles Craft became a teenager and rolled knowledge: Hand of Poseidon (FT career).
-Johanne Olsen grew into a toddler.
-Stian Olsen grew up well to schoolkid.
-Miranda and Orville Hopkins had a baby boy, Merlin.
-Monique Gilmore and fiance Bret Goodman bought 11 Meadow Road.