March 9th, 2008


Micropolis, year 28 (Sunday)

Click here for the full story: Year 28

New feature this time: Background info on all families available by clickthrough! While reading the entry (linked above) each family name is a link to that family's place in a background text. A short presentation of each family member is included there. Perhaps too much, perhaps not enough... feedback would be welcome on this feature.

Life events:

-Darius Craft moved back home and Andrea Olsen moved with him
-Darius Craft and Andrea Olsen were engaged
-Hans and Pam Olsen had a baby girl, Johanne
-Rory Olsen and Elizabeth Pinkerton were engaged
-Shelly Moody moved home to her father
-Antoinette Manning graduated with honors
-Petter Olsen graduated with honors
-Jenna Ashby graduated with honors
-Linda Craft and Luke Hancock were engaged
-Linda Craft graduated with honors