February 8th, 2008


Micropolis goes Bon Voyage

I tested out Bon Voyage on my previous computer for a couple days. Then the computer died. This was evidently because the fan hasn't worked since November and the temperature in the power supply was well above the boiling point of water. (Literally. The sensor showed 128 degrees Celsius, where 100 degrees is the boiling point of water at sea level.) So I don't blame BV. Especially since a look at the registry shows that there is no SecuROM. Evidently the Norwegian version - like the Swedish - does not contain this abomination. Consumer protection rights are pretty intense here. Anyway, I have upgraded my many realism hacks (mostly from MATY) to BV and installed the new expansion. I wanted to test it out before FreeTime is released, so I know where trouble comes from if it comes at all.

The Micropolitans still can't afford vacations, much less vacation homes. I suppose they can dig for treasure in the garden, but seriously, it would be out of character for most of them. They have more fitting ways to earn money while unemployed, like writing articles over at The Free Press, or making toys or flowers at home. The main benefit of BV is actually that you can now always pick how many and which sims go to a community lot. I can send Hans and Rory off to the flower shop without risking the pregnant Pam. (I suppose taking pregnant sims to community lot still causes them to die? Or was that only downtown?)

Watch the ongoing updates for hints of Bon Voyage, but don't expect too much just yet.