January 26th, 2008


Bon Voyage

I bought Bon Voyage yesterday. It is after all only a month or so till FreeTime (which the voices in my head still refer to as "Hobbies") and bad things happen to those who skip expansion packs and then use Monique's Computer. Not that this is certain to be a problem: MTS2 has been down since yesterday at least. MATY hacks are immune to skipping expansions: If a certain pack is not present, the hack will simply not execute the code for those functions. Most of the SimLogical hacks are also independent on expansion, though a few are not.

Anyway, BV is installed on the Pets computer, which has been upgraded with Seasons first and then Bon Voyage. It seems slower, but this could be because I am used to the new superfast computer where I play my Prosperity Challenge. The most striking thing about BV, however, is how little it influences normal gameplay. The other expansion had some improvements to everyday play too - except Pets, since animals are not an improvement, they are a hassle. The sims seem to disagree though, as do many humans, so I'll just let that rest. But even University had many improvements to play outside the Young Adult age... it is just that those improvements are almost all included in later packs as well. Lifetime wants, the ability to influence others, instruments other than the piano... all of these came with Uni. With BV, you can walk to lots instead of driving, which I appreciate but would not really pay tens of dollars for. Oh, and you can dig holes in your garden instead of waiting for the wolves to do it. ^_^

Seriously though, I will probably install BV on my main computer when my sims have enough money to actually take vacations. Right now, almost all of them are struggling to meet their mortgage payment without having to borrow more. The kids have to borrow for their own college education, since their parents are broke. Few people have bought new wallpaper in the generation that has passed. So I really don't think it would be fitting to send them to a tropical island to loll on the beach. But later, sure. I am particularly optimistic about the Far East vacation, my knowledge sims would love some enlightenment!