December 24th, 2007


This is the kind of thing that should happen to the sims, not to me

The cable to my headphones got stuck under the chair leg, and when I got up, the headphones fell off and hit the common power button for my computer, monitor and external hard disks, with such force that the power button switched to OFF. The computer turned off immediately, of course, having lost power. When I booted it again, everything worked fine... except The Sims 2. It now tells me to insert the Seasons disk. A quick glance in My Computer shows that the disk is there, and there is no problem with opening it etc. But the game does not recognize it anymore. I took it out and put in another disk, then put Seasons back in. No fooling the crazies. So, as far as this computer is concerned at least, the Seasons disk is dead. I guess this is kind of like when a songbird chicken falls out of the nest, if you put it back in, the parents refuse to recognize it.

So now I am running seasons with a NO-CD hack. Yay for pirates, the last refuge of justice in a mad world. Hug a pirate today!

(My antivirus program seems happy with the file, but if my bank account is suddenly empty, I'll be sure to inform you!)

Of course, it COULD be a sign from my guardian angel, or whatever is watching over me, to get Bon Voyage. Riiight...