December 22nd, 2007


Micropolis, week 2

I return with week 2 of the Micropolis Near Future Prosperity Challenge! Last time was largely introductions. This time things are starting to move along: Love, death, move-out, move-ins, and college, in addition to the usual growing up. As a result, this week has slightly more entries.

So far I have stuck with the week concept, but I wonder about the wisdom of this. As the small village grows, this would cause there to be physical weeks between each update. And even if reading it all in turn, you might forget the beginning before you reach the end. I seriously consider switching to playing one or two days for each house. This would also eliminate the weirdness of having people over on Saturday that died on Wednesday, or fall in love before you meet.

The story so far: After a hurricane devastated coastal communities, six families relocated inland to a rural development area. All families had lost some of their loved ones, as well as their homes and all their money. Unemployed, mired in debt and surrounded by strangers, they started to build a new future for their children. Over the first seven years, they gradually became acquainted with each other and the weird voice called Mr Angel.

Week 2:
The Grady family
The Craft family
College session I
The Olsen family
The Ashby family
The Moody family
The Craft 2 family
College session II