December 14th, 2007


Sims 2 Near Future (where all my stories are set)

Today I will explain the Near Future scenario in which my legacies take place. It is not so much a challenge as an altered environment. It makes the game harder financially but some of the gameplay is easier. (I have from early on found that the game is too generous with money but requires too much mousing. This is an attempt to fix that.)

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The short of it is: To make the game more realistic. Real people struggle with the bills, not with peeing on the floor or falling asleep on the pavement.

Micropolis - a prosperity challenge

In the end, I took a bunch of screenshot anyway, so here is week 1 of my prosperity challenge. Some of the rules don't apply since I play by my Near Future rules - for instance, there is no 20K handout so there is no reason to limit moving (except that moving is a hassle). Obviously I am not scoring according to the rules, but I still follow the main structure of the prosperity challenge. The goal is to take a bunch of utterly random families, made with dice, and make them into a thriving township full of successful sims.

I decided to write in a different style than usual, one that reveals more of how I really feel about my sims. Rather than a detached observer, in this story I am a "neighborhood guardian angel", conversing with my sims, encouraging them, sharing my experience and musing about the nature of time and different planes of existence.

Week 1:
The Grady family
The Craft family
Marcus Sharpe
The Olsen family
The Ashby family
The Moody family