December 10th, 2007


Prosperity challenge

I started a new blank neighborhood for a Prosperity Challenge, because I love the idea and I have seen a couple of them; they are pretty neat. And of course I rolled 6 families at the outset. =_= They are pretty much all dysfunctional from the word go, some of them lacking non-elder adults at all. This will indeed be a challenge.

I don't think I am going to blog it though. There will be just too much sheer chaos, and it would conflict with my Itland Legacy. That one is probably confusing enough as it is, with a dozen people in the house. We shall see, perhaps I will post some kind of info on it eventually, but right now I just want to point out that the Prosperity Challenge is an inherently awesome idea. Thanks.

Itland Legacy 4.3

Click the picture for Two Girls for Every Boy.
Special all college edition!
Love triangle, persistent stalking and a very surprised streaker.
Blurred to comply with American law.