August 6th, 2007


Teleportation technology and you

Dear tech student,
we at Portal Corp are thrilled to see that new student keep flocking to the technological studies. It is young ambitious people like you who will make future inventions and refinements, carrying the torch into the future. We hope you will be further inspired by reading a little about what we have already done to bring the technology of the future into today.

Before Portal Corp was founded, teleportation was the stuff of magic and science fiction. It is hard to exaggerate what distance meant to our ancestors. Countless lives were lost due to travel accidents or simply the time lost in transit when a critically injured patient had to be transported to a faraway hospital in car. When Dr Brian Webb founded Portal Corp, it was the fruit of years spent studying magic tomes and alien technologies gathered by the Freedom Phalanx. From these sources and personal observations, Dr Webb managed to deduce the fundamental principles behind teleportation, transforming it from an arcane mystery to a very practical science. After Dr Webb's tragic and untimely death in an alternate universe, Portal Corp has concentrated on making teleportation a useful technology in the here and now. The results can be found all around you.

When you arrived at La Fiesta Tech, chances are you did so by means of the "town portal". La Fiesta Tech was one of the first locations to install such a long-range earth surface teleportation portal ("LoRESTeP"), connecting it to the small but dynamic community of Pleasantview. This regional network has later been extended to include other communities: Sim City Downtown, Bluewater shopping district, Farmington, Silvercrown Valley, Skylift Heights and even Summersun Isles. By now you can reach the heart of these widely dispersed communities in a matter of minutes from your very own dorm. It may seem natural to you, but before Portal Corp, it would have been beyond dreams.

Not satisfied with this, Portal Corp engineers expanded teleportation technology in two directions. One was making teleportation devices smaller, faster and less energy consuming, culminating in the Targa Ascension, today commonly known as "jumpers", which is increasingly replacing stairs as the safer and more convenient way to move from one floor to the next. Multiple jumpers can be stacked, allowing access to any floor in high-rise buildings without the large space requirements, structural disruptions and heavy mechanical gear of conventional elevators. Just step onto the disc, make the relevant gesture for the floor you are going to, and you are there, instantly.

Unfortunately, longer-distance teleportation still requires the infamous "load time" in order to encode the photon stream. You don't want to be accidentally mixed up and drivie out of the portal in another person's car, much less with another person's clothes! The good news is that this time delay is independent of the distance. A spectacular example of this is our perhaps most impressive feat, setting up the StarSTeP on Alpha Centauri. As a result, the small and struggling human colony is suddenly transformed into a very attractive workplace. Even though the travel between SimEarth and Alpha Centauri takes four years, it is instantaneous for the traveller. You can work two weeks on Alpha Centauri and return to Earth 8 years later, still only two weeks older. While this would be a bad idea for a parent, it may actually be useful for singles who may find someone compatible in the next generation, only a few weeks later in subjective time. So in a manner of speaking, you can now jump not only in space but in time!

We at Portal Corp are proud of our accomplishments, but we are also proud to be a sponsor of La Fiesta Tech. We know that it is bright, inquisitive minds like you who will take Portal Corp into the future, making new giant leaps for mankind.