August 2nd, 2007


The Bookman semi-legacy, 1.0

Why "semi"? Well, it is mostly a legacy, but with a few different rules.
For one thing, I don't count points (but then neither do most of my journal friends). Secondly, I allow hack that either make the game more realistic (Monique's computer, Child Support, Inge's mortgage shrub) or just helps the player, not the sim (Macrotastics, Skillinator, AutoYakYak etc). No mood boosting paintings or wish-fulfilling gnomes, but any aspiration rewards or career rewards are kosher.

Also my usual "near future" rules apply: College costs 40 000 (5000 per semester) and without college, only stray jobs. (If you get promoted above entry level, quit the job and look for a new. Harsh! It's the near future as I see it.) If your family's net worth exceeds 50 000 on a Monday, pay 10% tax on the surplus. No 20K handout - borrow money using the computer and pay it back with interest. You are however allowed to keep a computer if you buy it from your own money during college.

For the Bookman semi-legacy there are additional rules:
All Bookman offspring are automatically Knowledge aspiration when they grow up. (They can marry other aspirations, but not take one themselves.) Heirs are required to go to college, regardless of whether they intend to take a job. However, if they already have 50 skill points and more, they can graduate at the end of any semester. (Full pot is 70 skill points, so I expect to see this happen occasionally. I'll see whether I need to raise it.)

The Bookman semi-legacy takes place in my Greater Pleasantview. You may come across survivors from the original Pleasantview, La Fiesta Tech (Uni), Downtown (NL) and Bluewater Village (OFB), as well as some from my other stories. Since I don't score for money, there is no strong reason to not marry playables, but it seems unlikely as most of them are in committed relationships already.

OK, let the games begin!

This is Andrea Bookman, a young adult that has just recently arrived at La Fiesta Tech.

Zodiac: Pisces
Neat: 6
Shy: 2
Active: 7
Serious: 2
Nice: 8
Fitness: Fat.
Turn-ons: Formalwear, Black hair. Turn-off: Stink.
[OK, I set that. How can anyone NOT have turnoff: stink, unless something went horribly wrong with their potty training??]
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Education career.

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