April 29th, 2007


A mission of mercy

There are some sims that are simply too evil. They will sooner or later - or both - seek out a nice sim, slap them on the nose, then follow them around poking them mercilessly, and finally start slapping them. I cannot accept this. I know who they are, having played in so many different neighborhoods and on different machines. (Actually the combination of 3 niceness and Fortune aspiration seems to trigger it. Love of money is a root of all evil, indeed.) Kennedy Cox, Benjamin Long, Komei Tellerman, Amin Sims, Sophie Miguel... I have had them eaten by cowplants or flies when needed to protect innocent sims. But as I grow older, I seem to also grow more merciful. But mercy toward criminals is cruelty toward the innocent, so what to do?

Here's what I did. I started with Sophie Miguel, as she was easy to gain control of: Just send her to college. There, I forced her to befriend all her dorm mates (luckily it was a very small dorm). It turned out she already had a few friends from before, amazingly. Also, through her life she met a couple more people who became friends by calling her day after day. After college I moved her into a townhouse that I had copied from Downtown to Silvercrown Valley ("Where old professors go to die"). The lot is fairly small, but the house fills most of it and has three floors, if you count the unfurnished basement, as well as a garage. It was also partly furnished, and I added some more furniture and a car (but still left the basement). It came out costing around 60 000, so I added mortgage shrubs from Simlogical until the price came under 20 000. (These wonderful little plants can be bought in build mode on an empty house, and will make it cheaper by either 1000 or 10 000 depending on type. Once you buy the house, you will have to pay rent each day until you buy out the mortgage with cash.)

The new purpose of the evil girl's life thus became to live in the house and get its price down. It beats dying by flies, right?
In fact, she has lived a surprisingly good life. I couldn't let her spend much time on community lots, but she hasn't missed it. She was crazy for money, so I gave her a career in law as well as Monique's hacked computer, which lets you work from home by writing articles. It is not particularly well paid, but it depends on your skill in the topic you write about. It also makes that skill increase very slowly (but faster during fall, which it always is in Silvercrown Valley.) I set it on auto-write, so she will write a random article from time to time if she is not doing anything else. I also set up a couple other hacks: "Bathroom uses you" from More Awesome Than You, makes sure sims use the toilet when they use the shower and the other way around, if there is a need at all. The alarm clock from the same place makes sure they go to bed early enough to get up in the morning. Phonehack (again from MATY) makes sure friends call them before the friendship dies, not just to whine but talking until they are back at 100% or something really important comes up. With all this extra artificial intelligence added to the Maxis freewill, I mainly had to prod her to pay the bills. (I think there may be a hack for that too, but I could already leave her unattended while I was outside for an hour.)

She has had an undeserved good life, but the truth is that I have come to like her better over time. In particular, her life took a whole new direction when she aged up to elder. By then she already had reached her lifetime want, barely. Much to my surprise her wants changed completely. She had always been obsessed with money and pretty much only that. Now suddenly she was preoccupied with love. I realized that the reason might be the guy who had invited himself to her birthday, one of those frequent callers. She had never even checked out a guy before, so I had no idea that they had a 2-bolt chemistry until I asked her to check him. Right! That seems to be the explanation. But whatever the reason, the effect stuck. She has been obsessed with the guy ever since, and wants to call him every morning and evening, not to mention invite him over and have lots of romantic interactions. I've let them do that, and they don't seem to mind the age difference. So her old age has been one of happy love, surprisingly enough. It seems that for sims at least, meeting the Right One (even this late) really changes everything!

And now her life is at an end. Future generations of my families will have their noses safe from her, at least. But there will be those who miss her, and one who will miss her a lot.

Sophie Miguel's final farewell

Farewell, Sophie Miguel. Your eternal youth is over, but your sins are forgiven. Now rest in peace.