April 19th, 2007


What's in the works?

The bittersweet end of the Hadoc family generation 1 seems like an obvious place to pause while I catch up on a broader feature of my current Sims universe. Using a combination of Open for Business' "Shopping Districts" and Seasons, I am creating three season-themed subhoods. These extend my Pleasantview with new lots, but more importantly, new themes, and vacation-like benefits for my sims.

-Summersun Isles: Constant summer, bonus to friendships.
- Skylift Heights: Constant winter, bonus to family relationships.
- Silvercrown Valley: Constant autumn, bonus to skill learning.

All of them have backstories, of sorts.
Summersun Isles is a coastal community, sparsely populated by black sims, until it is connected to Pleasantview and becomes discovered by capital and tourists. Property is cheap and less affluent sims move there to save on rent. In a community where blacks are increasingly seen as servants of whites, can the two single parents Brandi Broke and Darren Dreamer teach their teenage sons that some differences really are just skin deep?

It is said that Silvercrown Valley got its name because it is "where old professors go to die". As professor Waylon Reeves wakes up from a life of misguided "romance", will the autumn of his own life be enough to atone for the heartbreaks he has caused his loving wife? And can he be reconciled with a daughter who hates him and cannot stand seeing her parents together?

When Linda Reeves seeks her roots, she finds on her mother's side a large clan so scattered that even brothers have become like strangers. Will she ever become be able to pull them all together, and learn the secret of their longevity? Her hopes hinge on the charm of a small mountain village...

Playing through all of these (which unfold roughly at the same time) is quite a lot of work, albeit enjoyable. I haven't decided for sure whether to write them all up, and if so, how long to make them. But I am currently playing them. Just so you know what's going on.
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