April 8th, 2007


Hadoc family 6: Born to be popular!

A random guest picks up Arthur. Evidently this is a very rewarding experience. And he likes it. It should have been my first clue.

[I believe this is Mette Itland, one of my imaginary daughters from when I first got Uni, two years ago. She's a popularity sim and the points are for "meeting someone new". You don't get them much newer than this.]

Another random guest runs over and bathes Arthur, snapping him right before his parent who was on the way to change the diaper. Arthur is again bearing it with quiet dignity.
Arthur: Of course everyone exists to administer to my every need. That's why they are born.

Arthur is a toddler! With the same tragic clown face as his father. Hopefully he too will outgrow it. Marisa has no plans of going through THAT ever again, so this is what you get.

Let's dance, baby!

As I hoped, he became a passable child.
Arthur: So why is everyone looking away? Is it something about my clothes?

Robert W.: Watch and learn, my son! One day it will be your turn to beat up your elders.
Arthur: Srsly?

OK, perhaps it was a bit early in the spring to start gardening...

Random guest: "No, it doesn't bother me that you're almost naked. I'm playing for the other team."
Marisa: So desu ka?

Arthur: Don't I look like the healthy, happy child from the TV ads?
Linda Reeves: We have TiVo.

[TiVo is an advanced TV recorder. TiVo owners tend to start watching programs a bit after they have started, so they can spool past the ads. Not available in all countries.]

Arthur: "Let us start by discussing the details of human excretion. This is always a great way to break the ice."

And indeed, they spend the rest of the evening talking and later became best friends. (Your results may vary.)

Aaaand Arthur is a teen!

Zodiac: Gemini
Neat: 6 points
Outgoing: 9 points
Active: 9 points
Serius: 2 points
Nice: 9 points (born 3, encouraged 6)
Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime want: Top of Journalism career
Turn-ons: Underwear, red hair
Turn-off: Stink

[I don't roll for aspirations. They are based on a careful observation of the child's behavior, particularly its first wants after graduating from toddlerhood. Arthur was quite possibly the most extreme popularity child I have ever raised. He could have 3 or 4 wants related to friends, and his freewill actions were of the same sort. He would latch on to a guest and not stop until their friendship reached 100. I observed him do this several times. So this one was a no-brainer.]

Meanwhile, the elders are still alive and well, spending their time harvesting the bounty of nature.

They also induct the new generation in the mysteries of farming: Work, work and more work!

Our first picture of Arthur and Shelby. There must have been something about the way they looked at each other that caught the attention of the photographer...

...because this happened some time later and came as quite a surprise.

[They had only one attraction bolt. Luckily I managed to dive for the pause key when I heard the crush jingle. By then it was already a done deal. I have no idea what they did or who did it. Perhaps Shelby, since she was a romance teen. Then again Arthur is far more outgoing.]

Shelby: A bit further down...
Arthur: How about a lot further down?

And then it's time to move on to a life of adventure at the university!

His parents, in the best family tradition, celebrate getting him out of their hair for a while. So do the grandparents. With no minors watching, they are getting pretty unrestrained. We'll leave them to that until our next installment...