April 5th, 2007


Hadoc family 4: There and back again

Lyndsay Platz: I liek teh kinky!
Robert W.: Don't mind me, I just study here.

"Hi dad. Nah, you're not disturbing me, I was just studying. You know, natural sciences and stuff."

This happens with alarming regularity. Lightning strikes student in tub; student gets out of tub; lightning strikes same student again. Death cometh.

[I just reload if it is someone I think might go into any of my families at some future time. If not, I guess some rotation in the student pool may be a good thing, no pun intended. We've seen these people for years now.]

Thought so. The sims that I like tend to like each other too. Her name is Marisa Bendett, not to be confused with the other Marisa Bendett who is one of the starting neighborhood townies. Still not confused?

[I keep thinking of her as Babette, which is her name in my Danish apartment complex, EasyLife.]

Seems the deodorant ad was right after all.

Ghosts like scantily clad girls too. Time to ship his grave off to a community lot before he can make more ghosts.

Baby this is seeerious...

And then we graduate. You have seen all the other stuff already, right? Hmm, his fashion sense is mildly improved from its disastrous past. He still looks vaguely hobbit-like, but isn't there a little bit of Clark Kent too this time? I've seen worse... just not in this family. I'm sure that will change.

Behold the awesome fashion sense of Marisa "Red Runner" Bendett! Eh.

Name: Marisa Bendett
Zodiac: Scorpio
Neat: 6 points
Shy: 5 points
Active: 8 points
Serius: 3 points
Nice: 3 points
Aspiration: Fortune
Lifetime want: Earn §100,000.
Turn-ons: Underwear, red hair
Turn-off: Makeup

[Also, as always with this particular character, she graduates without getting the extra want slots and lock. "Upgrade pre-uni sim" on the MATY Lot Debugger fails as well. The only thing I have found that fixes it is Christianlov's "Counterfeit Diploma" from MTS2. Evidently she is inherently mildly buggy. More about this later, I suspect.]

"Watch my awesome catch skills!" *bonk* "Oww!"

Robert W.: "I am the dread pirate Bobby Redcheeks!"
Lucy Burb: "Uh, right."

Weddings look substantially less crowded in this house, don't they?

Or perhaps not.

Not only is it in the dark of the night, but it is also raining. Great timing!

As usual, half the guests are too late to watch the actual wedding.

And that's it for this time. What else will the future bring to our legacy of love and life? Watch this space!