March 31st, 2007


Hadoc family 3: Vincent buys the farm!

When I said "bought the farm", I mean it literally. Not figuratively, like in "kicked the bucket", "met their maker" or "gave up the ghost". No, the family moved from their small house on a small lot in the nice but crowded Pleasantview, to a small plot of farmland in Farmington, a nearby rural community.

[It is already the start of fall when they move there, and for this reason we won't see any farm activity until after Robert W. has grown up. Little known fact: Unlike our Earth, SimEarth is part of a binary star system. It circles its main sun, slightly weaker than ours, which again moves in a slightly elliptical orbit around a larger, hotter star. One orbit takes 24 years, and the seasons on SimEarth is caused by the added heat of the second sun rather than by a tilt of the planet's axis. When SimEarth is close to both stars, it is summer; when it is close only to its primary sun, it is winter.]

Kitchen and dining room to the left, living room to the right. Yes, it is very functional, nothing rustic about this one. The house is built brand new.

Second floor, parents' bedroom to the right, Robert W.'s bedrom in the foreground. More than half of the floor is not in use yet, it is meant to be used as workspace and storage, and perhaps another bedroom or two if future need arises.

Now that Jane has reached the top of her career, they can afford to hire a "serviceperson". Christy Reamon, in the background with blonde emo hair, soon makes herself useful. She cooks, she cleans, she picks up the phone, she pays the bills, she invites people who walk by, she helps Robert with homework, and she has a winning personality. Working 6 days a week for §15 a hour, she is well worth her pay.

Robert W. becomes a teen. Somewhat less ugly, he now looks more like a hobbit than a zombie. He still has the fashion sense of a diseased llama, though. The girl to the left of him is not who you'll later think she is, although I admit she looks similar with the hair. She is some girl who has the triple hots for Vincent and tends to stop by the farm from time to time.

Robert W. continues his relentless studying. His parents continue ignoring him, by and large, though they remain on friendly terms.

[Wincent started working as a teacher some years ago, and now has the career reward, a bookshelf that allows studying all skills and at something like double speed. This adds to - or perhaps multiplies with - the Fall bonus to studying, so Robert W. learns at a breakneck speed. At first I thought it was a residue of smart milk, but that was not it. I don't even want to imagine the speed if he had that too.]

Our little boy seems to be showing some interest in the opposite sex. His father does nothing to help. "Redhaired girls are TEH HAWT!!!1" Keep this in mind, because it becomes one of Robert's turn-ons. But right now, anything with boobies is of interest.

Robert W.: "Just hold that pose, Christy. You see, for the sake of my art, it is scientifically necessary for me to learn to grab boobies."
Random guest: "That's the most puzzling statement I've ever heard."

In the dark of the night, super genius Robert W. Hadoc moves to college at the age of 16. Nobody waves goodbye.

His parents miss him so much...