March 26th, 2007


Hadoc family part 2: Cereal monogamy

Vincent has just arrived in his new home, a somewhat smallish house in Pleasantview (right across from Woodland Park). Of course the first room he sets up is the home office!

OK, there is really no way to see this, but that's Jane. She has completely changed her image. (Although neither of them is going to wear that kind of finery once the housewarming parties are over.) Jane moves in and brings a negligible amount of money and no stuff, since she's a poor college student herself.

Name: Jane Royce
Zodiac: Pisces
Neat: 5 points
Shy: 3 points
Active: 7 points
Serius: 3 points
Nice: 7 points
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime want: Become mad scientist.
Turn-ons: Glasses, hats
Turn-off: Blonde hair

Clearly their attraction comes mostly from shared aspiration and personality. Although he does have glasses.

That's more like it. The two of them have agreed to put the romance on the backburner while they both seek their lifetime goals. She works her way up the science career as well, while he stays at home studying.
(A small note here: Like pretty much all my families for the last year or more, they follow the Near Future rules: College costs §40,000, there is no 20K handout, interest on all loans, and tax on property or funds that exceed §50,000 per family. (College funds for kids are tax excempt though. Luckily he managed to pay off college before he graduated, but her money is still nice to have to pay off the mortgage on the house.)

Vincent: Don't tell my wife, but green is the new hawt!
Stella: Why, thank you!

With spring, tender feelings grow again. Besides, they have reached their lifetime wants (on the same day, at that). Time for some holy matrimony!

Pretty crowded, although a small house with bad layout is more to blame than the number of guests.

So far, so good!

So far, even better! Honestly, this is the most blissful Sim I have ever seen on a wedding night, and I've seen a lot of them. Then again they've waited years and years for this. They may not look it - at least not Vincent - but they must be like 40 around now.

That was quite a feeble pop, if I may say so. But at least the much-hoped-for baby is on the way, after many tries.

It's baby time! Totally unintentionally, the adventurer's reward statue mocks her pain.

Welcome Robert W. Hadoc! No doubt about who is the father here. Also, boobies for babies! As we shall see later, reaching for those things can become a lasting habit.

Robert grows up from a slightly feverish baby to a creepy toddler. Those eyes look like he hasn't had two unbroken hours of sleep during his entire babyhood. This, unfortunately, is pretty close to the truth, as his parents would drop him wherever and do their own things.

Name: Robert W. Hadoc
Zodiac: Pisces
Neat: 6 points
Shy: 1 point
Active: 9 points
Serious: 2 points
Nice: 6 points

Vincent: And now a story about daddy...
Robert w.: *pukes*

Robert W. grows up from a sad and ugly toddler to a sad and ugly schoolboy with sad and ugly clothes. I suppose his parents could try again yet, but the result would probably not be any better. Besides, the house is pretty crowded as is.

Guess who has two knowledge sims for parents... (and lots of smart milk as a toddler). This is how Robert W. likes to spend his days, with his nose in a book. Little does he know that between this picture and the next, his parents are going to buy the farm.