March 21st, 2007


New family saga: The Hadoc family

The founder of the ad hoc Hadoc family is Vincent Hadoc. And no, he is not a self sim. Just because he has red hair, glasses, a burning thirst for knowledge and a nice personality, he is still nothing like a self-sim at all. For instance, no moustache, his glasses are different, and he has only 9 nice points! Clearly not a self-sim here. (Which is good, because my self sims tend to always fall in love with cheerleaders or cows. -_-; ...)

Name: Vincent Hadoc
Zodiac: Pisces
Neat: 6 points
Shy: 2 points
Active: 6 points
Serious: 2 points
Nice: 9 points
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime want: Max Out 7 Skills
Turn-ons: Fitness, red hair
Turn-offs: Stink

Life at college was fairly unexciting until near the end of the first semester, when this girl Jane Royce came up to him and kissed him. It was just my good luck to notice, since it came rather out of the blue. She was the first fellow student who played the chess board there, and I (as the well-meaning guardian angel) had inspired him to join her. And this is what became of it. The ways of Love are unfathomable, are they not? Usually people go around spraying pink hearts and jingles for a while before they get this far, if ever. I guess some girls are just more proactive than others! "Me Jane, you hot!"

It could easily have ended later that day, when the electric hot tub caught fire with Jane and some of her friends in the middle of it. Luckily the Sim City fire corps is extremely fast, and managed to put out the fires on everyone. It would have been such a loss to lose his scantily clad girlfriend just like that, despite her horrible hairdo.

Lightning is another problem around the hot tub. Some of the students take it more calmly than others.

Is the water good and warm, Mr Troutlips, Sir?

Joy Fuchs: Have you seen this superseksi redhaired woman up in Pleasantview?
Jane Royce: Actually that's the mom of one of the other students...

Months pass and the cold season comes, but that does not stop Vincent!

Actually that's how things keep going. Vincent does assignments and term papers, the girls bathe and occasionally catch fire or are hit by lightning, and seasons come and go. Until finally one day....

Vincent begins his adult life in the bathroom. This seems only fitting, since that is most likely where it will end as well.

And we're off to Pleasantview and the exciting (yeah, right) life of an adult with job and family. What Vincent thinks, we'll never know, because years of meditation has taught him to blank out his mind to such an extent that even his guardian angel can't read it. Or perhaps that's just a bug. Anyway, we're off!