February 10th, 2007


EasyLife Complex, Part 4

Welcome back to the EasyLife Complex, the hottest property in Nydeligrup, where ambitious young men and women can concentrate on their career, their life and their love. Our small but competent staff takes care of the housework, and the financing is so generous you can move in straight from college. At the same time each apartment has room for a small family, and we even have in-house day care and private tutoring for your kids, when that time comes. You can't go wrong with EasyLife, the lifestyle of the new millennium! Your guide is Morten Rossi, CEO and chairman of the EasyLife Foundation.

In our previous visit, we saw our two resident bookworms marry and have a healthy baby, while two new tenants moved in. One of them, the guy with the trout face, became too close to my wife for my liking. Not that they actually crossed any lines, you know, but they were spending all their time together. I was not happy about this. Luckily there were better things happening soon.

Lukas, our resident "mad scientist", persuaded another of his students to move in. Babette Mendoza is kinda distracted, to put it mildly, and even managed to misplace her graduation papers. It took quite some time to get a new diploma, but eventually things got on place.

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