January 13th, 2007


EasyLife Complex, Part 2

Greetings! Here are the news from EasyLife Complex, and your host is as usual Morten Rossi, the world's second greatest entrepreneur! As you may remember from last time, we were three people in a large house, pickled in debt and fresh out of college. How would we fare in this tough world?

This is not a time and age where you can strike lucky and find a motherlode under your cellar. Smart work, and lots of it, is the key to success. Rebecka set to it with a vengeance, spending most of her days in front of the computer researching and writing popular science articles. She buys a lot of new clothes, but she is certainly pulling her own weight. As her reputation is growing, she has started to get more and more for each article. And with only § 20,000 in loan she has a pretty comfortable economy.

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