January 7th, 2007


EasyLife Complex - the origin!

Welcome to the origin of the EasyLife Complex. Learn how it all began... told by the young entrepreneur who got it all started!

I think the premise of this story is pretty self-explanatory. It is not a legacy, but the story of a house. A house where a new apartment is added each time someone moves in. Here they are free to live their own lives (with a little help from their guardian angel nudging them to fulfill wants so they don't go insane) and tell their own stories with their lives. There is no plan, there is no goal, there is just a big lot and a bunch of Sims, all of them computer-generated. Not even the founder is made by me.

Let the story begin!

My name is Morten Rossi. I took my wife's name, as my family name was rather... inconvenient in my business. Also, I don't really have much contact with my family. My father died when I was little, and my mother and I were not very close. Except in space, that is. Our home was nice enough but it grew rather crowded, especially when my mother - against all advice - decided to have another child with my father's frozen sperm. I don't really think he meant for it to be used that way, when he was no longer around to provide for his children. In any case, I realized that there would have to be a change in my life.

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