Gretta and Mass go to University

"In college with my big sister" sounds like one of those Japanese comedy anime that are not entirely family friendly unless you're Japanese or Scandinavian. Luckily this is not anime but The Sims 4, so what could possibly go wrong when putting two co-dependent siblings in a dorm room together?

I guess that depends on what you mean by "go wrong"...
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All in all, this expansion badly needs some way to tune down the automatic socializing, and it would probably not give me the "tense" and "uncomfortable" moodlets. As it is, however, it does. But I endure it for your sake, noble reader. You deserve to know the truth!

Servo familiarem

The Ulveskaret family shares a quiet breakfast together. In the background Boyfriend 2.0, the family Servo, is fixing the broken computer. Servos are immune to electrocution, so they are ideal for all kind of electric repairs. Also for making more Servos, although you may have some doubts about the long term effects of that...

In our previous visit to Ulveskaret, we saw Amanda make a Servo. Today we will talk more about our new metallic overlords family member.
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This has been a public Servo announcement. Next time,hopefully, the plan is for Gretta and Mass to finally leave the nest.

Ulveskaret: Study@home & making the perfect boyfriend

Gretta was accepted into the Distinguished Fine Arts studies at Britechester University, but decided to take the first two semesters from home until her brother was ready to go to university too. The had after all been inseparable since he was a toddler, so it seemed like an easy decision. Also, she could do homework in her sleepwear, what is not to love?

(I may have been too hasty about the "no visible changes", she seems to pack on pounds more easily now that she is an adult. Not that anyone is complaining. At least not anyone who is not Gretta.)

She also does her term papers on the home computer. Students these days do that, and in fact even their doctorate thesis. Meanwhile their parents see it and think junior is just surfing on Facebook all day. Or so the rumor goes.

Meanshile, our newest teen has more extreme ambitions...
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We did not see Mass around, but he is actually getting less addicted to his older sister and getting better along with Amanda. But the plan is still to send the two oldest off to campus next week.

Extra! Extra! Kid skills mods!

A talented modder from Indonesia has not only opened a number of skills for kids, included biking and robotics, but even made some suitable furniture. Not sure if this is a first, but it is the first I've heard of, and seems really well done.
Here's a YouTube video by a friend of hers demonstrating it, also with links to her download and twitter if you too want to follow her.

I only regret that my sim kids are all grown up for this generation. Must resist urge to have more...

Shame on EA for not having this in the first place. Didn't your mom teach you to cook, and bake, and sew? Didn't you have school kitchen and crafting classes at your school?

Ulveskaret: How quickly they grow up!

Amanda ages up to teen!
Gretta: "How did you manage to stay so thin??"
Quite a contrast there. And I rather like the everyday clothes she aged into. Kind of subdued and not too feminine. She's like 13, guys!

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Technical note: I finally got my home network to function with different versions of Windows, and have moved the Ulveskaret family from my old Win7 PC to my newest Win10 PC. The good news is that I can play and write in parallel again! The bad news is that Win10 introduced a bug where a sim may lose all motivation without warning and just stand there. With a family of five I may not notice this until their portrait changes color. On the plus side again, saving to the main menu and reloading will motivate them again, and takes very little time now that I have an SSD instead of an old laptop harddisk.

Cheatlike skills and traits

Gretta at the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine. It looks almost like a computer, but it is actually a separate object without any overlap in the menues. Also, it costs like §12000, so families without a Dragonfruit garden may prefer to use the one in the university library instead.

Gretta is in her late teens and preparing for university. One new skill that came with this expansion (but can be used everywhere) is "Research and debate". It is not cheatlike on "Realm of Magic" level, but still pretty habit-forming. Collapse )

Sims 4: Discover University - child's play?

Those are not out kids! One of them is a Landgrabb. In addition to a wide range of kids from different neighborhoods, I saw two of the three sages from Realm og Magic, as well as a couple other familiar faces from different neighborhoods. OK, I can see Eliza Pancakes becoming a student. Maybe the kids belong to other students there, I do have a story progression mod (MCCC) that lets adults and young adults marry and have kids. Or maybe the game is just weird.

Now for the important part: GRETTA IS NOT GOING TO LIVE ON CAMPUS. Seriously, the Sims 4 design for Uni and ageing is the worst possible if you care about your sims.
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University is a great start for a sim fresh out of CAS (although I am not sure the career boost is worth the lost years). But this is not the story I want to tell.

More about University later, if my own Creator allows. (I have a novel to finish as well - it is November again.)

Short visit

It seems someone has been dieting and running marathon while we weren't looking. Honestly, I have no idea when this happened, but look at Gretta now. She is just skin and bone and some muscle. Mostly her glutes, which is the only part left of the chubby rear we all knew and loved. Really, some people just can't keep to the middle of the road. Go eat some cakes or something.

Meanwhile, Discover University is out. University was my favorite expansion for Sims 2, and University Life was a pretty good addition to Sims 3 as well. Admittedly both of these gave more slots (wants in Sims 2, traits in Sims 3) while Discover University for Sims 4 seems to mostly boost careers. And who wants careers in Sims 4? They suck. They are boring, advancing in them is tedious micromanagements, and you don't need them for money.

What is more worrying is that no one seems to know whether time runs at home while you are in university. In The Sims 2, you could switch between the two. In Sims 3, time did not move at home. In both, you did not age in university. But here we don't know for sure either of these. Or at least I have not heard any mention of them in the reviews and guides that were out yesterday. So I have to play another family with two members to find out, and first I have to play them up to a level where I can send one of them off safely and see what happens to the other. I don't want to risk playing Gretta in university for a week and find that Mass and Amanda have lost a week of their limited time as a teen, just laying around doing nothing worthwhile beyond surviving, as sims tend to do when left at home.

Non-story post: Interruptions by immortality

Norwegian text: Eldre som dør = Elder dying.

Sims 4 Realm of Magic has an Immortality potion. Unlike the Age Freeze in Sims 3, this one does not stop ageing at all, it just prevents your sim from dying from old age. And sometimes, I am told, it doesn't even do that. There are several threads online already about how the supposedly immortal sims still die from old age. Some say it doesn't work at all. So naturally I made an elder sim and played as a spellcaster. On normal lifespan, it so happens that I finally got hold of the Immortality potion on the last day before the age bar was full.

It's now been about a sim week, and old Testify Watchman is still hanging on. However, several (or even numerous) times a day, an "elder dying" action will show up in the action que, then quietly disappear when it is time for it to execute. However, it can insert itself into a multi-part activity. Several times I have seen Testify bringing a meal to the table, put it down and forget about it while quietly clearing this activity. Well, that is the kind of thing you half expect from the very old, even if they otherwise seem present most of the time. Conversations may also grind to a halt. So, unexpecte realism there.

I noticed that several of those who had tested this before me explicitly mentioned that they gave the potion to an adult or young adult. The effect of the potion appears as a bonus character trait, and they say that this was still present when the character died. But I wonder if the potion was coded relying on some stat unique to elders, and becomes inactive if given to anyone else. I could make another character and test, I suppose. Or I could just give it to elderly only, seeing how it has no effect whatsoever until your age bar is full for the last time.

It only prevents death directly from old age, by the way. Other sources of elder death, like jogging or woohoo, still require other remedies. There is a potion of prompt resurrection that lasts for a sim day, and of course there is the good old death flower.

Just that random

I don't know if I'm going to stick with Sims 4 but the chance increased just now because my Sim randomly started singing "Twinkle twinkle little star" in Simlish at the kitchen table in the Magic HQ, and the other people in the room came over and donated §4 each. It is the kind of randomness i love in life simulator games.